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booty game too strong


booty game too strong

Nope. Maybe I just can’t comment on things online. And that’s okay with me cause it gives me a lot of anxiety that it’s going to sound wrong when other people read it.

Or someone is going to say something. When in reality what I said will probably just get some smiles!

Anxiety, man. I don’t think it’s ever severe enough that I need something for it cause I can usually talk myself out of the pseudo fears I have, but dang…there has to he a good way to deal with it.

I sometimes have anxiety about posting comments online. And it’s a silly anxiety, but bleh.

So I saw The Spectacular Now yesterday with the ladies and there has been one thing that has been bothering me about one of the characters.

And if she had been written a little differently then this film would have been that much better, I think.

Spoilers below.

I really dislike how Aimee played a role in Sutter’s obvious drinking problem. Instead of realising that hey…taking a drink of hard liquor from your flask every time you’re nervous or EVERY TIME EVER is probably not a good sign and something is not okay.

BUT instead of having any notable character development at all, she just continues to make his habit her habit.

And I think that destroys most of the evidence that she is a strong character.

And after seeing how his dad is an alcoholic she doesn’t even bother to stop to try to help Sutter.

Just a lot of lol lets poor some of our drink into cups every time we can because lol we’re so rebellious.

I do love how Sutter refuses the drink Aimee offers him at graduation. You can see that he had a huge development.

But it just bothers me about Aimee. Her making his bad habit hers is not good character development unless something during the film (or book) she realizes how this is not helping her or him.

Yeah they’re kids, but it was seriously almost every scene they took a drink out of their flask. It was almost like one big drinking game.

But the film did have a really good conclusion theme. You can live in the now, but don’t worry too much cause there will be another now tomorrow. But you have to stop and think about the future and dream and that’s okay.

But dang. Cause I really liked Aimee at the start if the film and then I really disliked her at the end. Heh.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty good film!

I still need to actually see this film, but my urge to make this costume has exploded.

I still need to actually see this film, but my urge to make this costume has exploded.

Track Title: Eyes As Candles

Artist: Passion Pit

Album: Manners


Passion Pit | Eyes as Candles 

This song just came on and I don’t think a first 30 seconds of a song have ever made me so happy before.

nessakilgannon asked: "Tell ten facts about yourself then pass on to ten of your favorite followers."


I’ll take the challenge.

1) The word duty is funny. I giggle every time someone says it out of context. Or in. Whichever. It’s all laugh-worthy.

2) My right ring finger is slightly curved from a Volleyball incident pre high school years. Sometimes I look at it and say, “Whoa. My finger is bent. Sweeeeeet.”

3) I was the pink ranger for Halloween once. One of my more proud moments.

4) I’m pretty pretentious when it comes to my beer and coffee. I’m not picky when I have no control over who is serving it/ etc, but I do have certain brands I like and certain brands I’d like to try. Though I love tasting new beverages and I’m open to anything. (John Egberts coffee is really great, by the way)

5) I am married to my coffeemaker. This is a true story. He wore a hat a our wedding.

6) My boo (A to the dam) and Royal’s catcher Salvador Perez are a thing. I secretly hope he’ll make me a maid of honor for their wedding.

7) I have a dream to collect cool looking coffee mugs from my travel adventures. I don’t want the touristy mugs. I want mugs that I’ll find in cool little shops run by cool little old ladies.

8) Montana isn’t a real place. I refuse to believe it until I get a chance to check it out for myself. You never hear about Montana. Why is this? It doesn’t exist, that’s why.

9) Vine is the best. If you want to laugh and probably pee your pants (though don’t do that), get the vine app and go to town.

10) People are amazing. And lately there has been bundles of evidence that this is the case.

That was fun.

There is no doubt in my mind I want to be a cartoonist.

My dream is to keep working on stories and ideas and hopefully get to a point where my full time job is making comics.

I know, I know. It sounds insane and also probably idiotic concerning my chances. But if there’s one thing I have, it’s that spunk that if I really put my mind to it I can really create something amazing.

And if this can allow me to stay in the area and get a job that allows me to live (whether related or not) and travel every now and then. Then I’m all game.

And a bonus if everything else works out how I hope it will.

Let’s get to work.






Cookie Monster Learns a Lesson from Tom Hiddleston (by PBS)

omg crying tears of laughter as cookie monster and tom…two of my fave things get together







((You guys don’t know steampunk until you head on over to this awesome little slice of heaven over here in Baltimore. This is a repurposed power plant that was built in 1900 that was converted into a Barnes and Nobel. It boasts a good selection of books, has the obligatory Starbucks inside with an awesome view of the city, but also has a really neat and informative aquarium that features wildlife you’d find in the bay! This is one awesome looking place to read. If you guys ever visit me up here in Maryland, we’d totally visit this Barnes and Noble.))

*barfs from over-excitement*

YES. I live in Maryland!